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James Dondero And The Family Place Joining Forces

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James Dondero has announced his latest gift to the Dallas charitable community, and he is working with The Family Place on a $16.5 million capital project that will build anew for the charity. This article explains how The Family Place offers services to its patrons, how James reached out to them and what the challenge grant entails.

#1: What Is A Challenge Grant?

The $1 million challenge grant from Highland Capital Management and James as CEO offers $1 million that may be matched by those who wish to join in the giving. The total of $16.5 million must be reached before The Family Place may build, and James is closing the campaign with his grant.

#2: Why Does The Grant Matter?

Highland Capital Management is investing in a beautiful charity that helps people, and James puts his money where his mouth is every year. He gives quite a lot to those who are in need, and he believes The Family Place may hide away those who must piece their lives back together. The grant helps the charity finish raising money, and he will help the charity grow so much that it may become the largest of its kind.

#3: What Does Highland Capital Management Do?

Highland Capital Management is a massive hedge fund that supports the city of Dallas with jobs and investments. They have built something special that calls Dallas home, and they have given back to the community many times over. James gives of his own money, and HCM gives their money when it is needed. The finest businesses in the world give back the most, and James wishes for HCM to be known as a business that cares about all those around it.

There is a power in giving that James Dondero and HCM have found, and they are giving to The Family Place to ensure everyone has a place to go. They offer millions each year to support the needy, and they help where there is simply not enough money to go around. The HCM name pulls in donors who will push The Family Place forward.

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Joining Fabletics Over Amazon Any Day

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A new year always brings in new year revolutions. For some, these resolutions are easier to break than others. Some people will make a resolution that the new year is going to bring them a time to quit smoking, eat less junk food or even work out more. If this is you, you most likely have vowed to start working out more. This is a big resolution for some. It can be hard to fall into a healthier lifestyle and in order to do this, you have to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. If you are uncomfortable, you most likely will quit working out rather quickly.


If you find it hard to find clothes that fit you properly, you most likely have resorted to looking online for deals on active wear. If you have fallen into this category, you are one of the 20 percent of people who shop in online stores like Amazon for active wear. If you have looked to Amazon in the past, you most likely have ordered something that still didn’t fit you as well as you wanted it to. If so, you might like the idea of Fabletics. This company was started to allow you to feel fabulous while being athletic, hence the name Fabletics.


If you are someone who likes to work out and are just looking for a new type of active wear, you might want to give Fabletics a try. They strive to make sure that everyone who tries on their clothes is comfortable in the way they feel. The clothes will hug you in areas that need to be supported while working out and they allow you to breathe in the areas that should not be constricted. If you are wearing clothes right now that have made you feel this way, you know how important it is for you to begin to feel good while working out. If you are practicing yoga, you need to be able to move around easily when practicing poses. If you can not, you most likely need a new pair of athletic gear.


When you start a subscription to Fabletics, you will spend $25 dollars to get you started in the subscription process. Once you have paid this, you will receive your first outfit. After that, all other shipments will be based on the membership cost you choose. If you selected the VIP membership, you will receive free shipping and will also receive free exchanges. What this means for you, you will get to send in any outfits that you do not like to receive another outfit at equal value. This is great if you like a certain style or certain color and the one you receive doesn’t fit you like the others do. This can be great if you like specific colors while working out or you simply like a different style altogether.

Soros Donor Group Meeting With Democratic Leadership In Opposition To Trump

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The Democratic Party is determined to regroup after Hillary Clinton’s historic defeat to Donald Trump in the presidential election. The top donors to the Democratic Party have formed a group called the Democracy Alliance. The DA was established back in 2004 by democratic mega-donor George Soros. The group was originally founded to help John Kerry in his bid for the White House against George W. Bush. John Kerry lost his election, but Soros kept the Democracy Alliance alive.

The DA is bringing together the best minds of the Democratic Party for a three day, closed door meeting in Washington DC. The DA plans to rally the troops in order to get them on the same page in defiance of Donald Trump. The alliance hopes to make a plan that will block Trump’s agenda for his first 100 days in office. The group will also meet to discuss long-term strategies to obstruct the conservative agenda of the President-elect during the course of his term.

People with knowledge of the situation say that the goal of the DA is to avoid infighting. DA and George Soros believe it is easy to point fingers and cause frustration at this meeting, especially since so many of Hillary Clinton’s team will be there. The Democratic establishment looks to avoid this unproductive distraction as they plan to bring their party back to life after their shocking defeat.

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Others say that this infighting is unavoidable. Many not attending the summit claim that the DA is just a forum for rich white people to enjoy themselves while the Democratic Party turns to ashes around them. Critics tend to be on the far left of the political spectrum, and they tend to follow the policy wishes of former presidential nominee Bernie Sanders.

Attending the meeting will be some of the most powerful politicians in the Democratic Party. These politicians include Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi was just voted to be the minority leader for the Democrats in the house, Elizabeth Warren holds a leadership position in the Senate, and Keith Ellison is the frontrunner to take over the helm at the DNC.

The Democracy Alliance is made up of 100 wealthy donors like George Soros. The donors must aid left-wing think tanks and political action groups with at least $200,000 of funding per year. Each donor is also on the hook for a $30,000 annual membership fee that helps the DA pay its staff. Portions of that $30,000 annual membership fee are also used to put on parties and meetings, like the one taking place this weekend.

It is important to note that George Soros is scheduled to speak at the summit. The 85-year-old hedge fund billionaire funds the DA, but is usually not present for its meetings. George Soros survived World War II as a young Jewish boy in Budapest. The man has spent his entire life fighting authoritarian rule all over the world. While he does not equate Trump to Hitler or the Nazi movement, she sees the potential for authoritarian rule under his presidency.

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Handy Home Cleaning Makes The Turn From Growth To Profit

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Handy Home cleaning was founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, both Harvard Business School Graduates. Handy specializes in providing home cleaning services and handyman services at affordable prices. Handy is based on a similar business model as Uber, the popular transportation service. Handy screens and retains the services of subcontractors to do the work. The subcontractors can then gain access to jobs via a mobile app.

Handy took off with a boom. They have raised over $110 million in capital. Handy has been spending money aggressively to continue to rapidly grow the company and expand into new territories. However, the investors are starting to want a return on their money and are pressuring Handy to focus on profit making. The flow of venture capital money is beginning to slow into startups that show a lot of growth but little profit.

Handy is forced to change its primary focus from growth to profit making to satisfy its investors and ensure the infusion of future capital. This change puts Handy in a dilemma. If Handy doesn’t enter a new market and capture its customers, some other startup company will. On the other hand, if Handy concentrates on profit making it must be willing to sacrifice future territories in favor of expanding the customer base in its existing markets. See,

Handy implemented some changes to increase its profitability. Handy switched to entirely online hiring of its contractors to save millions of dollars per year in expenses related to hiring contractors in person. The problem with the online hiring process was that many of these contractors lacked the skills to get through the online hiring process without human assistance. The result was that recruitment of contractors dropped 40 percent. Handy is working through these problems. Handy has discovered that its business model works better as it increases its customer density in existing territories thereby increasing its profits.


Madison Street Capital Values Businesses for Transactions

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Madison Street Capital is a valuation company that is the toast of the M&A community. They have been awarded several times over for the work they do, and it is quite important that businesses order reports on themselves, their rivals and partners. It is quite important that information is used to make proper business decisions, and this article explains how Madison Street offers their services to customers.


#1: What Is A Valuation Report?


A valuation report is used as a financial summary of everything a business owns. The company has buildings, vehicles and products that must be considered, and Madison Street does the research necessary to ensure everything is included in the report. They are quite thorough when the report is completed, and they complete new reports when requested.


#2: Who Uses Valuation Reports?


Madison Street Capital offers valuation reports to its customers when mergers and sales are on the table. A business that stands in the middle of a merger or sale needs the report from Madison Street as it explains the value of their partners. Someone who wishes to complete a sale cannot go on faith alone. The other companies involved in the sale will offer only the information they believe is required, but they may lie to complete the sale.


#3: How Long Do Reports Take?


Reports created by Madison Street Capital take quite a long time to complete as research is done in the office. There are several people who need a report that in a hurry, but reports cannot be completed quickly. Madison Street takes pride in their work, and they ensure they offer proper customer service to everyone who walks through their doors. The company is far more committed to quality than speed, and they ask their clients to offer time for the work to be completed.


#4: How Does Madison Street Support Their Work?


The firm supports their work by managing sales and mergers of businesses every day. They are present when the contract is signed, and they allow both companies in a sale confidence. Confidence is quite important as businesses are spending millions of dollars during the transaction. They must trust Madison Street, and the track record of the firm speaks for itself.


#5: Businesses Small And Large Require Valuation Services


Madison Street Capital is willing to work with any company regardless of its size. The firms that approach Madison Street need not be on the Forbes 500, and they will receive a report that offers every bit of information possible.


There are quite a few people who must use valuation reports for their companies every day. Reports help ensure companies know something about their competition, and the reports are completed properly by Madison Street Capital’s staff.

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Where Are Gooee LED Lights Most Useful?

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Gooee LED lights are most useful in places where better lighting is required. The lights shine in a new and brilliant manner, they last quite a long time and they work in functional settings where smart lighting has been employed. This article explains the link between LED lights and smart fixtures.


#1: LED Lights Stand Up To Heavy Use


Gooee’s LED lights ( were designed to hold up when used in industrial settings, and each light will shine as bright as it did the day it was installed. An LED light does not crack as it is moved inside a fixture, and it will shine in the same manner no matter where it points. There are quite a few industrial uses for LED bulbs, and they will work no matter the style of the building.


#2: The Bulbs Communicate With Their Control Panel


LED bulbs were designed for a higher purpose, and they fit in fixtures where a computer control panel is in use. Everyone who wishes to purchase a proper lighting unit must use fixtures that take LED bulbs. Every new light installed will perfect in like manner, and it will remain consistent throughout the building.


Fixtures carry the only lighting in the building used for productivity, storage and safety. Using new LED fixtures ensures the proper illumination of every inch of a building. There are quite a few businesses who must use proper lighting if they wish to operate in a better way. They will save money and see a shining light that never changes.

Design by Green Energy, Light Gets Tech Smart With Gooee

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Smart lighting is the future of lighting. Gone are the days of incandescent bulbs that need to be switched on manually by hand, that are a perfect brightness on a cloudy day, but that blind you by night. The chandeliers that need to be manually operated by dimmer switch, but never seem to emit a warm enough light over the dining table.

Smart Lighting needs a softer focus in our day to day lives, and a sharper focus on the tech side, and that’s where Gooee comes in. Gooee is at work creating and testing micro chips that include hardware, software, bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities so they can be used to sense light with the accuracy of the human eye as to properly assess ambient light and light temperature, and to detect motion.

These chips can be incorporated into hubs that control lighting throughout an entire residential or industrial space, making everything easier on the eyes, on the wallet, and the earth. This green energy approach makes it easy to control light settings from a smart watch, a laptop, a phone, or any remote source where the chip can be enabled making it easy to control a switch board of lighting preferences all with just the touch of a screen.

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