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Magnises Is Life Times One Thousand

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So you want to rub elbows with the big wigs, you want to exist in private circles of movers and shakers who also happen to be beautiful people. Sifting out undesirable incompatible life-forms is a task you don’t have time for. The only solution to this situation is Magnises.

Magnises is an exclusive physical social network of 1,200 members and growing. Young professionals in finance, the arts, entertainment, business, and other exciting walks of life mingling at fancy lounges on top of skyscrapers in the prettiest cities on the east coast.

As a member of Magnises you get guaranteed access to live sporting events with the best seats in the house. On Valentine’s day Magnises members were living the life being treated like royalty at the NBA Allstar Game doing the Na Na and the Shmoney dance to the live performance of Jadakiss and DJ Clark Kent. New York City is the Mecca of professional sports. The Knicks, the Nets, the Yankees, the Mets, the Giants, the Jets, the Rangers, and the Islanders games will have the red carpet rolled out for you.

When the sun goes down and the moon comes up New York City starts pulsating to the hypnotic funk of hip, organized, chaotic love, and you’re invited on Party at the Fish Bar on a Yacht bouncing down the Hudson River enjoying free drinks courtesy of Magnises.

On New Year’s when jeans and a t-shirt just doesn’t feel right Magnises members were at a black-tie event at the Opia Grand Ballroom on the east side of midtown Manhattan. Members on enjoyed a gourmet three-course meal, and between dances shot the breeze at the open bar. Oh did I mention the Opia Grand Ballroom has some of the best French food in the city.

For the two year anniversary of Magnises the operation was moved to the west side of midtown Manhattan. The tuxedo was removed and the casual stylish wears came out the wardrobe. Magnises took over Space Ibiza New York. Mind you this was an exclusive Magnises event. Ja Rule, Ace Hood, and Cam’ron tore the house down with their slick lyrics and awesome performance. On top of that, the V.I.P lounge had private performances and an open bar.

The beautiful thing about Magnises is that it’s not all about partying. Remember, the members of Magnises are highly educated young professionals so culture is also a big part of the experience.

AMCONYC fashion week, The Lead Belly tribute a Carnegie Hall, Kindo Art Show at the Public Factory, enjoying art by Jack La Roux at the Jimmy is just a taste of the mind-stimulating events the Magnises has to offer.

Magnises Concierge is an app you can download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store that helps you plan your adventure through the city. There’s a restaurant you want to go to but it’s hard to get a reservation don’t worry Magnises Concierge has you covered. You can ask Magnises Concierge anything it’s like having your own personal assistant.

So now that you’ve been informed on just a few of the perks of being a member of Magnises do the right thing and sign up and take life to a whole new level.

Bruce Levenson Is More Than Just the Former Owner of the Atlanta Hawks

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Who is Bruce Levenson?

Forbes billioanire Bruce Levenson is probably most known for being the former owner of NBA team the Atlanta Hawks. When Levenson and other majority owner of the team, Ed Peskowitz, originally purchased the Hawks, the NHL team the Atlanta Thrashers was included in the deal. Levenson also held a position on the NBA’s Board of Governors.

Though Bruce Levenson may be most known for owning a NBA, he has definitely has other accomplishments. One of which, is his co-founding of United Communications Group (UCG) ( along with his longtime business partner and friend in the late 1970’s. On top of that, Levenson serves on the Board of Directors for media company TechTarget.

Bruce Levenson has been an avid philanthropist for many years now. He has donated funds to several charities and non-profit organizations throughout his career. He is a former president of the I Have A Dream Foundation, and a founding donor of the United States Holocaust Museum. A cause dear to his heart, being that he is a Jewish American. Levenson is a part of many philanthropic endeavors that benefit the Jewish community. Because of his commitment and dedication to these causes he has become one of the most prominent Jewish figures in the nation today.


Who is Adam Milstein?

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The son of a homemaker and real estate agent, Adam Milstein came from very humble beginnings. He knew that he was going to do great things one day, though, even though he did not know what they were or what he was going to be. At a young age, his father fought for the Israeli army and Milstein hoped to do the same thing as he got older.

When he was older, he was able to fight with the Israeli army. During his time in the army, he saw that there were many things wrong with the country that he lived in. He wanted to see changes but he was not sure how to do this with the resources that he had. As a soldier, his hands were tied to help people because he was trying to help the country as a whole. This, though, is where he found his calling.

Once Adam Milstein returned from war, he began working on his philanthropic efforts. He obtained a degree in Israel and worked to make things better for the people of the country that he lived in and loved. He is a very charitable person who knows the right way to get the charity done and to get things in order for people who need different resources. He continued to grow his charity and wanted to be able to take it to a different level. To do this, he would have to make a major change.

That change came in moving to the United States. He attended USCLA where he obtained yet another degree. He founded the Israeli-American council which is another philanthropic effort. Through the many degrees that he has, experience and diplomatic attitude, Adam Milstein has been able to help people with different issues when it comes to the United States and Israel working together. He has also made a major impact in the Jewish community and feels that this is the key to having a great relationship between the United States and Israel because the Jewish people are the ones who bridge the very large gap between the two countries.

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Seasoned Manager Andy Wirth

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Wirth is one of the most successful top managers in the United States. This is evident by the fact that he has transformed Squaw Valley Ski Holdings to a major tourist destination not only in America but also globally. Andy Wirth is one of the unique people and managers that love to care and improve the environment. He is also widely known for the tireless work for the community. This has transformed the area to become a better place for all the people. Andy Wirth is motivated by the accident that nearly became a fatal he co-founded an iron man team that is known as wounded warrior support. The accident involved sky driving, thus in honoring the perfect men of the navy seals, the team lobby and solicit funds that help in running the Navy Seals Foundation. In its core, the organization facilitates the operations of the team members while at the same assist in giving them encouragement, comfort and company even after they have returned home. It is a vital organization that recognizes the importance of navy seals in security, prosperity and above all honors hard work and sacrifice.

Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation has recognized the personality of Andy Wirth; he has been elected the chairman of the regional air service corporation. The organization is meant to facilitate the air service in the region all year round. Being the chairman of RASC, Andy Wirth is also the president and the chief operating officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings that also founded Alpine Meadow Resorts. As the director of the corporation, his principal functions is to oversee the operation of RASC whose primary purpose is to design strategies that would increase the flights to Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The board is supposed to supervise the implementation of the strategies that would increase tourism visits to the area. Andy Wirth feels honored serving as the chairman of the organization. The area is endowed with unending opportunities and benevolent prospects of prosperity and economic growth. Andy Wirth’s primary focus is the development of airports and air service that would increase the quality of service for major resorts and communities that live in Colorado and Quebec.

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Kenneth Goodgame: A marketing Expert with The Midas Touch

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In his career, Kenneth Goodgame has mainly held positions in the marketing department, but he has also had the chance to serve as a board member in several companies as either a general manager or director. This versatility has enabled Mr. Goodgame to be such a vital piece of any company that he has worked for. One such company benefiting from his skills is True Value Hardware Company. Current financial reports from the company show that their earnings having improved under his leadership.

Kenneth’s strengths include product creation, brand recognition, creativity in packaging and sales and promotional planning. He also has the skills to unify people to all want and strive to achieve a common goal. His goal for any company that he works for is to turn the companies to market leaders. It can be ascertained that he has employed his goal at True Value considering its growth in the industry to an international brand. His strength and experience have also had a role to play in making True Value a success as the innovative programs that Goodgame has come up with for the company are derived from his experience in the field.

Before joining True Vale, Kenneth worked at Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, Bajar Motor Sports, Black and Decker and Rubbermaid Cleaning Products. He played the role of Global Materials Manager at Ace Hardware, and at the position, he improved the processes that existed and developed new products. At Rubbermaid Cleaning products, he served as the president and his biggest achievement at the company was creating the patented wave break technology that they use for their mop bucket systems. While at Bajar Motorsports, he assisted the company open 30 stores in 2 years.
Mr. Kenneth has a rich education background. He graduated from the University of Tennessee where he specialized in marketing and finance. His education has played a great role in his expertise in profit and loss management.

How John Goullet of Diversant LLC has contributed in the IT Industry.

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John Goullet is an IT professional who has ample experience in IT staffing and consultancy. He started the business in 1994 after founding Info Technologies Inc. The company mainly offered its services to the Fortune 500 companies and Goullet was its chief executive officer. He helped the company to grow from a startup to a worth of $30 million. It was also recognized by the Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States. The company was a frontrunner in the IT staffing sector since it understood the gaps in the corporate world and worked hard to offer appropriate solutions to companies. John Goullet currently serves Diversant LLC as a principal. He joined the company in 2010 after integrating his firm with Diversant Inc.

Diversant LLC is an IT staffing firm that is privately held, and most of its shares are owned by African-Americans. The company is recognized as by the United States government as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. Diversant offers a broad array of services for the IT staffing sector, and they include direct contracting, IT staffing reinforcement, and various creative solutions. The company has created its staffing services based on unique policies that are committed to making sure that it solves the problems of the customers, associates, and other stakeholders in the sector. It has also been able to maintain healthy relationships with its clients by using consultative approaches when associating with them and this makes them feel like they are business partners.

Divesrant LLC has been instrumental in the corporate world since it has been helping companies in acquiring IT experts who match their specific needs. The IT sector is growing at a rapid rate, and this has caused scarcity of competent professionals to meet the human resource demand. The company ensures that it offers the best professionals by applying accurate methods when recruiting IT experts. Diversant LLC does not only take into account academic qualifications but also the experience and talent of an individual. The specialists that are hired by the company have a set of skills that is needed in making personalized software that can solve various problems for the clients.

James Dondero and Highland Dallas Foundation

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James Dondero is a unique figure in Dallas, and he just keeps giving more to the city. Dondero is the owner and CEO of Highland Capital Management and resides in the city, a valuable resident, to be sure. Dondero has recently, too, combined his local vision with the vision of another Dallas stalwart, The Dallas Foundation.

The Dallas Foundation had a budget to spend, and they needed someone with a local vision to help them spend some money in charitable giving. So they turned to James Dondero, who is one of the best philanthropists with a local vision for giving. He has worked with them, and, through his connections with places as diverse as the George Bush Presidential Library, and the Dallas Zoo, he has helped The Dallas Foundation find places to spend their money.

The two minds meeting have even created a new venture, called, aptly, The Highland Dallas Foundation. The organization is committed to making Dallas a more livable city, and they want to help make the city really thrive in coming years. Dallas is an up-and-coming city, and Dondero wants to be part of that change.

The giving that The Highland Dallas Foundation is doing is both bold and effective. They want to have the best way of reaching out to the city and creating what they can for this wonderful place. It’s a perfect combination, and with these two businesses working together, Dallas is sure to be greatly improved.

Dondero has a goal of improving life in North Texas, and he will surely do so.

Talk Fusion Receives Another Award

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The Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) recently handed the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award to Talk Fusion’s new Video Chat app. When such a prestigious company hands you two awards in one year, you know you are doing something right. Talk Fusion is excited to be taking the industry forward this year and beyond.

Talk Fusion launched their video chat service in March of 2016 to provide users with additional features not available in other applications. They can now chat live, send messages, and conference call, something that was definitely not available in other apps at the time. The innovative company, which now uses WebRTC technology, has over 140 countries with reps residing there. They have a large following in Indonesia, Asia, and Europe. Their app is downloadable at the iTunes interface and Google Play Store. You can use it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer at home. The choice is yours.

The company isn’t just all about business though. They care about their team members and their customers. Their reps all get paid instantly when make a sale, and the profits of the company are used in ethical ways. They give back to animal shelters, community organizations, charities, orphanages, and more. They strive to do more than just make amazing video technology, says their Chief Technology Officer.

Talk Fusion has a unique history. It was founded by the visionary leader and CEO Bob Reina. Reina has years of experience in direct marketing and sales. He started his company in 2007, and it has grown incredibly since then. He was actually on the police force back then.

The story goes that Reina was working a shift and wanted to communicate with his friend via video in an email. The current provider of his web services, America Online (AOL), said that this could not be done. However, Reina has never been one to give up on his dreams. He was determined to change the world through better video chat services, and set out to hire his friend to build a prototype. Soon, people were demanding more of the technology, and they maintain that innovation today.

The Physical Requirements Needed For Entering The Fashion Industry As A Model: Talk To Brown Agency

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Models have seen an evolving look over recent years with increasing numbers of designers and show producers looking for those with a distinctive look over what would normally be seen as a traditional form of beauty. Despite the constantly changing needs of the modeling industry there are some physical requirements that generally stay the same over the course of the years. These physical requirements are generally needed for those entering the fashion industry, but can change here and there for those looking to model for magazines and commercials.

The physical requirements for female models looking to take to the runway and model clothing include the need to be between 5’8″ and 5’11” in height, it is possible to be a little smaller or taller, but these restrictions have been developed to make sure the clothes being modeled look their best when worn. Fashion models also have to fit into a specific body shape and size that is described as slender with a 22 inches to 24 inches waist. Other physical requirements for females include a chest of between 31 inches and 36 inches, at the hips measurements should be between 32 and 35 inches. Of course, plus size models have their own specific set of physical requirements that should be researched.

For male models the physical requirements needed are often less restrictive, but the individual should be aware that being too muscular is not always seen as an advantage as the male body does not then fit correctly into the clothes as designed. Male models are usually be around six feet in height and have a chest size of 40 to 42 inches.

The Brown Agency is a respected modeling agency that can provide information on the physical requirements needed for models entering any part of the modeling industry. The agency works across a range of different areas, including theatrical, commercial, and fashion industry areas.

The Brown Agency has been located in the city of Austin, Texas since 2010, and can be found in a number of the fashion capitals of the world where this respected modeling specialist supplies models for a range of different industry options. Models working with The Brown Agency have been found in some of the top shows in the industry from Dallas Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week where the professionalism of the agency staff have made this a go to agency for members of the industry.

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