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Andy Wirth Was Involved In A Skydiving Accident

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In 2013, Andy Wirth was jumping out with two of his friends. As an avid skydiver, Andy was used to skydiving. However, on that fateful day, Andy asserts that adverse weather conditions saw him land in a vineyard.

As he was making his final landing maneuvers, his arm took off with the vines held up by a pole. Upon landing, he realized that he was not in a good place. By virtue of being a back country ranger, Andy was aware of what to do in such a situation. With experience in dealing with trauma in remote regions, Andy knew that he had to stay calm and keep shock at bay. Andy recalls that he started singing the lyrics to Pearl Jam’s song, Just Breathe.

Andy spent about 15 minutes with his fist firmly planted on his brachial artery. When he was found, he was quickly transferred to a waiting ambulance. He was then airlifted to the hospital. After 3 months in hospital, Andy had his arm back. Back home in Tahoe, Andy spent much time remaking his identity and keeping fit. This was a trying moment for him both emotionally and physically. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Things started to change after a confluence of events. While undertaking their winter mountain combat training, a Navy Seal team met with Andy. Andy made friends with some of the men as they shared similar interests. During this period, Andy sent Andrew Messick a video of himself cycling a bike, stating that he had regained his fitness. Andrew was the CEO of IRONMAN.

For several years, Andy was pushing to have an IRONMAN 70.3 race in town. When Andrew finally made the announcement, he told Andy that he had to participate in the race. Quickly, Andy put a strong relay team together. The team consisted of Andy’s cycling friend, a swimmer who was one of the Navy Seals that Andy had met earlier and Andy himself who was the runner.
Andy Wirth had been involved in different run training irrespective of the challenges of having to run with an arm brace. He attributes his quick recovery to his family, friends and teammates. This information was originally mentioned on Ironman’s website as explained.
About Andy Wirth

When he was in the process of recovering, Andy Wirth met with Navy Seals and formed a team known as Special Warfare Warrior. Andy pointed out that the objective of this team was to provide the Navy SEAL Foundation with the needed support. This foundation supports the Naval Special Warfare Community and its family members.

As he was working through his recovery, Andy posits that he often thought about the challenges that these incredible men and member of their families navigate, especially when they are on dangerous missions. Their stories motivated and encouraged Andy to press on with life. This information was originally reported on Crowdrise as outlined in this link

All You Need to Know About Medicare Advantage Plan

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In the United States, most people get their Medicare health coverage from the Original Medicare. However, there is a group that gets their benefits from the Medicare Advantage Plan, popularly known as the Medicare private health plan. This cover contracts mostly with the federal government, and the some amount of money is paid to cover the Medicare benefits.

People who choose to get the Medicare Advantage Plans enjoy the same benefits and services as the ones that choose the Original Medicare apart from hospice care on ZoomInfo. With the Original Medicare plan, it is possible to get hospice care services, even if the individual has the Medicare Advantage Plan. Individuals who choose the Medicare Advantage Plan get covered for urgent care and emergency services.

Under the Medicare Advantage Plan, some of the services that are believed to be unnecessary medically are not covered. Before an individual gets their cover, it is crucial to ensure that the service is covered. The service provider is the right person to consult. In some cases, Medicare Advantage Plans offer some extra coverage such as vision, dental, hearing or the wellness program.

If a client needs a certain service but the cover insists that it is medically important, the client might be forced to pay for all the costs from their pocket. However, if they are not satisfied, they can appeal and try to include it in the plan.

There are different companies offering clients different types of plans. All these plans have specific rules, and they are different too. Before signing your contract, it is paramount to check with the provider and understand how the coverage works. This way, it will be easy to avoid getting in trouble. It is also crucial to ensure that the service you are choosing is medically important.

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If you are looking for a Medicare Advantage Plus provider, InnovaCare Health is one of the companies you can choose. The institution is actually one of the leading providers of healthcare services in the country. The company has been operating for several years, getting the knowledge required in the industry. The people employed by the institution have one objective in mind; to ensure that patients get the best services they need. The modern healthcare management system is very challenging, and the institution wants to ensure that it meets all the demands from the clients.

InnovaCare Health has a team of experienced personnel who will guide you through the whole process and ensure that you have the right coverage. All the advice you need before getting the cover will be provided by the experts.

The CEO of the institution is known as Rick Shinto. He is known for his leadership and entrepreneur skills, and they have played a significant role in the success of the organization. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health. She has a lot of experience, having worked in the industry for many years.

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The Skinny On Securus And The GTL Investigation

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In the first of a six month series of reports regarding the Louisiana Public Service Commission investigation of Global Tel Link wrongdoing. The incidents and outcomes of the investigation conducted by Securus Technologies will be released in a series of articles. The first article is said to include a formal 17-page order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission listing several unauthorized and unlawful actions.Unbenounced to inmates and families, GTL had a shady way of gaining more profit, which made their integrity and loyalty to the industry questionable. By doing things adding time to inmate phone calls, double billing calls, rating calls at an increased rate and increasing call rate with no explanation, GTL has shown that honesty is not on the list of their policies. The original order was issued january 21, 1998 and since then these incidents have continued. It is a difficult enough task to maintain life in prison, and communication with loved ones is vital to inmates. The unknown and unexplained increase in rates could greatly effect both them and their families.

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With organizations doing under the table work so often these days, we must appreciate the “good guys” of the business world. Securus Technologies is a for-profit prison technology company based in Dallas Texas. Securus was founded in 1986 and has regional offices located in Allen Texas, Carrollton, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. Serving over 2,600 facilities, they are one of the best and most respected prison technology providers in America. Fortunately, Securus Technologies conducted the investigation regarding the wrongdoings of GTL. While the findings. which will be outlined in the upcoming articles are numerous, rather than condemn GTL Securus has began to work on a plan to help restructure the companies policies and practices. Although the actions of Global Tel Link may have caused them to lose the trust of many inmates, their families and even facilities, I think it’s safe to say that with Securus overseeing and assisting GTL will help push them in the right direction.

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CEO of CCM Capital, Stephen Murray, Dies at 52

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President and CEO of CCM Capital, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, dies at 52. CCM Capital is a firm that focuses on buyout and growth equity. They raised their latest fund to 3.6 billion last year. He co-founded CCM Capital, which was a spin off of JP Morgan Chase, in 2006. In 2007, he was named CEO.

This company typically invests about 100 million to 500 million per equity for every transaction they conduct. Their focus is on consumer, healthcare, industrial, and industry sectors. Some of the companies include: Cabela’s, Warner’s, and Quiznos.

A New York native, Stephen Murray attended Boston College for his BA and Columbia for his MBA. Murray started his career in 1984 by joining the credit analyst program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Through several mergers and buyouts, this company eventually become Chase Manhattan Corp in 1996. In 2007, he become the head of buyout business at JP Morgan Partners.

This position is where he co-founded CCMP Capital. In addition to being CEO, he serves on several boards, including Aramark, AMC Entertainment, the Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s and Pinnacle Foods.

Murray leaves a legacy of success in the finance industry and involvement in philanthropy. He has supported the Make a Wish Foundation, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and Stamford Museum.

Also, he has supported his former colleges by serving as vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College. Murray still made sure to reinvest his success back into the community.

Stephen Murray had a history of working hard in the finance industry. Through his work at CCM Capital, he also served on several boards and contributed to multiple philanthropic organizations.

His passing will be missed by many at CCM and his other organizations. Stephen Murray leaves behind a wife and four sons. They will reside at the family home in Stamford, Connecticut.

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