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When To Use Wen

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I was looking for an insightful review of WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz [] because I have fine, thin, curly hair. I hit gold when I stumbled across this article on ( It was everything I’d hoped for as far as reviews go. Emily does a wonderful job of describing how to use the product, when to use the product and gives an honest, unbiased report about her results.

Initially, Emily’s concern was that the amount of product recommended for her hair length would cause her hair to look dull and flat, due to the fact that her hair is thin and fine. She stated in the article that while shampooing, it actually felt like she had more hair and that she noticed none of the usual loose strands afterward. After washing, the difference was very obvious. Her hair had more volume and shine and looked amazing.
She does say that while using the Wen product, she had to change her routine to morning showers since her hair would be greasy-looking the morning after if she shampooed at night. Fortunately for me, I’m a morning shower person due to my curls.
I’ve avoided trying this type of product despite my hair’s tendency to be dry for the same reasons Emily stated. I was worried about oily, flat, uncooperative hair. After reading this article, I’m ready to give it a try and I’m actually excited about it.

Need Wen? Visit their Amazon page to order. Or go to the nearest Sephora store and grab a bottle of this miracle hair care product.


Igor Cornelsen’s Career As A Very Successful Investor

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Igor Cornelsen has achieved a widely known reputation as an extremely skilled investor. Furthermore, he gives investing tips to the public, and following his advice can help you to be a successful investor. Igor Cornelsen feels that one very important part of investing is being dedicated to investing money over the course of time. He cautions investors to stay away from any kind of get rich quick investment schemes, because they rarely turn out as planned. Instead, he feels that by investing portions of one’s income over the course of time, it is possible to have high returns over the course of time. He feels that over the course of decades, it can be possible to have financial gains in the range of 500%, over the course of many years! He spent his career as an investment banker, and this has taught him the ins and outs of investing.

Igor Cornelsen got his start working in his home country of Brazil. In Brazil, he has successfully done work with highly successful and large banks in Brazil, as an investment banker. While he was working with these banks, Igor Cornelsen was responsible for a large amount of Brazil’s financial resources. This made him very widely known and well respected as an investor. However, he did not just manage investments in Brazil. Instead, he also worked as an investment banker in the United States. He also succeeded with investment banking in the United States, although he has been even more widely known in Brazil. While he is currently retired, he still provides investment advice. In fact, he provides advice to a major investing company in Brazil, called Bainbridge Incorporated. His expertise from managing assets of major financial institutions has allowed him to work as an exceptionally skilled consultant today.

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Igor Cornelsen | The Superior Investment Advisor

Now that he has retired, he currently spends much of his time in Florida. While he lives in Florida much of the time, he still does return to Brazil. Additionally, he plays golf quite regularly. In fact, he travels to various golf courses that are well known as the best courses, and he is quite skilled at the sport.

In addition to continuing to work as an investment banker for Bainbridge, he also provides advice to everyone, through the internet. He provides advice through a website to investors of all types. He also has been featured by CNN and other news sources, and he has provided investment advice to the public this way. While some of his advice is Brazil-centric, much of his advice applies to investing in a multitude of ways.

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CCMP Capital’s Stephen Murray: A Life Well-Lived

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Born in August 1962, in New York City, Stephen Murray was a graduate of Boston College, receiving an economics degree from them in 1984, and Columbia Business School, attaining a master’s degree in 1989. Utilizing his credit analysis training, begun in 1984 at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, Mr. Murray began working his way up the corporate ladder of private equity management on receipt of his M.BA., and remained with the company as it changed ownership over the years.

In 2005, he was appointed as head of the buyout business section of JP Morgan, the culmination of repeated buyouts of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation two decades prior in 1989. Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray, The Great Investor and Deal Maker for CCMP Capital

One year later, in 2006, Murray became one of the co-founders of CCMP Capital, a company born under the umbrella of JP Morgan, but now its own corporate entity. Over the last few years, the company he helped found has been very successful, nurturing a 3.6-billion-dollar fund by the end of 2014.

Aside from his considerable talent in managing private equity and buyouts of profitable business ventures, Stephen Murray was a philanthropist, believing strongly in giving back to the community and supported both profit and not-for-profit endeavors that heled to enhance the lives of countless people, ordinary or less fortunate than himself.

He involved himself in many charities, including the prestigious Make-A-Wish foundation for terminally ill children, Stamford Museum, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and supported both of his alma maters’ – Columbia Business School and Boston College. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

Additionally, Mr. Murray served as a board member for a variety of companies, including The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Partners and AMC Entertainment.

In early 2015, Stephen Murray stepped down from his position as CEO of CCMP Capital, ostensibly for health-related reasons. He passed away in March of that same year, at the age of 52, leaving behind his wife, Tami, and four children.

Maduro May Not Face Recall Until 2017

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The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is facing the possibility of a recall election to remove him from power. The process is not exactly moving along easily. Maduro has defiantly noted the recall referendum is not going to take place in 2016. Expert David Osio asked during a forum, does the opposition party truly have to wait until 2017 to take action to remove the man from the presidency?
The answer to that question requires a “wait and see” result answered Osio. Maduro has suggested that there simply was not enough time for the opposition party to properly organize a referendum. Irregularities with 600,000 signatures on the petition list did not exactly help the opposition party’s cause.

Maduro does has his backers, but his detractors are legion as well. Venezuela is currently in terrible shape due to a horrible economy. Food shortages are leading to riots. Electricity – of all things – is scarce. All of these disastrous situations have led to the desire to remove Maduro.

Maduro does have his followers. Some feel he has been constrained from doing what is required to get Venezuela back on track. That said, Maduro’s list of bad decisions in office definitely had a negative effect on the health of the country in many ways.

The opposition party is crying foul in a myriad of ways. Leaders have suggested Maduro is colluding with election officials to delay the recall referendum process. Whether or not they can prove such claims remains to be seen.


Political Protests Hit Venezuela Hard

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The Atlantic Journal Constitution just reported on the political unrest in Venezuela and the mounting opposition to the current regime. There is a sharp divide between two competing political factions in Venezuela — those who support President Nicolas Maduro and those who wish to see his socialist policies abandoned. President Maduro has largely continued the socialist reforms of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez. With the country in the middle of a massive economic crisis, the calls for the immediate recall of President Maduro are particularly loud. Right now analyst Norka Luque says, the opposition party has control of the National Assembly and is gaining traction in obtaining signatures to force a recall election before the end of President Maduro’s term in 2019.
Although the frequent political protests have been a good outlet for frustration over the current crises in Venezuela, some experts like Norka are concerned that the political rallies could turn violent at any point now. So far, the bloodshed has been minimal, but with the economic situation only getting worse, things could easily erupt into a violent revolution. On both sides of the political aisle, protesters are generally calling for peaceful movements. No one is downplaying the severity of the consequences of the low oil prices for a country that is completely dependent on oil exports to balance its economy. However, supporters of the Socialist Party do not want to see the progress they think they have made in reforming the economy overturned.