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Wen by Chaz Dean Proves Its Transformation Abilities

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You’ve probably seen WEN hair product line, on QVC infomercials or in magazine advertisements before. But what is all the buzz? Well, Chaz Dean, the creator of Wen has designed quite a product. Instead of your basic products, he created a formula with shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment all in one bottle that is said to benefit the hair in big ways. Chaz Dean is a celebrity hairstylist among the Hollywood scene. He uses his products with all of our favorite celebrities, and is highly successful in both his profession and his product line.
One woman decides to put all the buzz to the test in a seven day experiment with this sephora endorsed cleansing conditioner. Her thin hair proves hard to manage and she is hoping to see a difference after using this all-in-one product. Lucky for her, the results end up being just what she had hoped for. Throughout the week, her results were almost always the same: softer, healthier hair with added volume. Though she did find that you must use this product in the morning before going about your day because sleeping on it can increase oil in the hair. But once she overcame that small obstacle, she was getting touched for having shiny, beautiful hair. It shows in the photos as well:

Though she only used Wen hair for a short amount of time, Wen was able to make her hair look and feel healthier than ever before. And even though her hair is normally thin, you could see a difference- it was much bouncier and better in appearance. Wen has several different formulas too, one for each type of hair. So if you’re looking to make the transformation, give Wen a chance. It is available online via Amazon and most beauty stores nationwide.

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Beneful Quality Food Checks

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The rise of healthy dog food is something that has been happening for a long time, but Beneful may be ahead of the pact when it comes to this. Beneful has produced a lot of healthy dog food variety, and a large part of the success of the company is based on the quality checks and the marketing that this company does.
Beneful has made a lot of choices that would entice many pet food owners. The are colorful foods that tend to have a lot of the same ingredients that that many human foods have. There are so many people that buy dog food based, not on what their dogs necessary like, but on what they would perceive that their dogs would like. This is something that the creators behind the dog food that attract millions of Amazon customers are very aware of. That is what accounts for the colorful food choices that are presented by this brand.

Quality food is something that this company has worked to develop for many years. The PurinaStore PetCare Nutrition Research expert Janet Jackson has overseen quality control with Beneful for Purina products for many years. She has been in place since 1990, and the fact that she more than two decades of experience certifies her as someone that truly knows the needs of dogs.

Another thing that has done correctly is perform quality checks. It has been reported that as much as 30,000 quality checks are performed for this brand. That is a lot of time and research that is going into the dog food that is presented by Beneful. It shows that the company is doing a lot to provide nutrition for animals.

The dog owners that are trying to get the best quality food for their pets may need to consider what Beneful offers. There are some healthy choices like the Healthy Weight and the Chopped Blends that have been marketed to those that are searching for quality foods. Affordability also plays a part in the popularity of Beneful. It is a reasonably price brand with real meat ingredients. Like the Beneful page:



Steps to Take When Faced with Negative Search Results

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There are many challenges that a business may face but the most significant one is from malicious competitors. These types of competitors seek to ruin the reputation of a business and this could led to devastating consequences.

Online management is very important nowadays. This is because most people prefer to conduct their search for products online; as such, they rely on online reviews to determine a good or bad company. It is up to a business to ensure that they have a good reputation through proper management of negative publicity. According to, they can clean up negative articles and reviews can affect a business, relationships and the life of a person.

1. Don’t fight back
Fighting your attackers back will only increase the publicity of the article that your attacker had created. A person should employ emotional intelligence and not base any decision on their anger.

2. Assure your clients

When a business faces negative media content, their clients become worried. A person should engage public relations or human resource to assure all their clients that their transactions are safe. It is important that business runs as usual as you manage the negative situation.

3. Reinforce your value
In the face of a challenge, always remember t the factors that make your business outshine others i.e. your value. Focus on making your products and services even better. At the end, your clients will focus on the great products and forget the gossip.

4. Ask for support

Negative stunts are emotionally challenging and if not careful, they can plant doubt in your mind. It is advisable to seek support from people whom you trust; they can help you vent out your issues and lower you anger.

5. Focus on the reason why you started your business

Each entrepreneur has a motivation for starting a business. This motivation is a great source of inspiration whenever a person faces challenges.

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