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The Premium Market for Dog Food

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The market for premium dog foods has increased by approximately 45% during the past 6 years and now represents an industry that has $11 billion in annual sales. The demand for these gourmet dog foods are now leading man dog food makers to innovate and come up with unique products for dog owners that appeal to these changing tastes.
The vast increase in the market for these premium gourmet dog foods is raising concerns by dog owners about the health of dog foods in the past. When you read the ingredients on a package of dog food that is non-gourmet you will begin to understand what this concern is. Dog foods are filled with significant amounts of preservatives to extend their shelf life and are filled with grain filler to cut down o their cost. The ingredients of these dog foods were set based on Wal-Mart customers’ preferences at the time for cheaper dog foods that have a long shelf life and are therefore more convenient to their dog owners. The dogs never seemed to mind as they were traditionally scavengers who would opportunistically eat whatever foods they came across. However, these ingredients may have contributed to several health problems that have impacted dogs for years and dog owners are searching for healthier products for their dogs.

Brands are now trying to release organic and preservative free foods to attract customers who are increasingly concerned with the ingredients in their dog food. The marketplace is experiencing a significant amount of consolidation to provide these foods. As an example, Beneful, which is owned by Nestle PurinaStore, has acquired one of the leading organic dog food makers and is now producing high quality organic dog food that customers love. Many other competitors are following suit as well.

Other brands are increasingly removing the preservatives and additives from the food and substituting these additives with fresh, and even raw meats. While this is of course more expensive and has a shorter shelf life, it is fitting into what customers are demand and selling well in the process.

Finally, a truly unique product by is showing the level of control that customers want over their dog’s health. The new Beneful product offering lets dog owners choose the individual ingredients in their dog food blend and customize their dog food as a result. This provides greater control over the health of the food and a truly personalized product offering for your dog. Learn more about Beneful :

Schlumberger Cutting Venezuela Services As Debts Mount

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Houston, Texas-based oilfield services provider Schlumberger will be cutting back on services it provides in Venezuela as the South American nation’s debts with the firm continue to mount.

Venezuela’s massive oil fields – the nation houses the world’s largest proven oil reserves – are owned and operated by state-run firm PDVSA, who Schlumberger has contracted with to provide services in the various sectors of oil production and transportation. Now PDVSA owes Schlumberger and other providers billions of dollars as record low oil prices have contributed to the oil-dependent nation’s economic collapse.

In 2013, Schlumberger extended Venezuela a $1 billion line of credit to finance continued operations with PDVSA, but the value of that loan has already taken a loss of $472 million in 2014 and $49 million in 2015 due to the devaluation of the Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, in current times of hyper-inflation.

PDVSA said in a statement that it will rely on other companies that provide similar services to Schlumberger for the continued operation of its oil fields, but David Osio thinks the corporation did not elaborate on how it expects to pay for those services.


What White Shark Media Offers To Entrepreneurs

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When people hear about your company, what do they think? What associations do they make? Do they tell their friends about it? Just think about how often you see an advertisement for a company and just keep scrolling. They are often not interesting or compelling. Yet many of these companies spend a lot of time and money merely so you would see their advertisement. If a company is going to stand out, they need to use proper marketing techniques.

But then the question becomes what those techniques are. You simply do not know. When small business owners find themselves in that position, they will take a serious look at White Shark Media.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency who has a reputation for helping small businesses to navigate through these difficult problems. Many of their customers have very little experience with the Internet. They want to hand the reigns over reliable company that has a good reputation, such as White Shark Media.

Entrepreneurs usually trust White Shark Media for two reasons. First, they recognize that White Shark Media was once much like they are. They were a small business struggling to get by. Second, they provide quality services. Some of those services follow.

Web Development

If you spent only a few moments cobbling your website together with a basic platform, it would probably not be very impressive. When people come to your website, they are not going to see a company upon whom they can rely – A poorly designed website will reflect poorly on the business. However, if a website is crafted well, people will be overcome by an aura of professionalism. It is part of your brand. White Shark Media has web development services. If you want to build a website and emulate a particulate tone or style, their service can help you to do that.

Generate More Revenue

Small business owners sometimes think that they cannot afford the services offered by White Shark Media. It might be helpful to think of it as if you were investing into your own company, because you very much are. When people use the services offered by White Shark Media they boast that their company has expanded. They are constantly seeing an influx of new customers. The fee that White Shark Media charges is a worthy investment because it will generate more revenue for your company according what is posted on their Google Plus profile page.

Claims About Soros Debunked

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A recent article in Politifact on sets the record straight regarding the swirling, yet unsupported rumors that George Soros is somehow bankrolling the campaign of John Kasich, a hopeful candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for the 2016 presidential race. The article explains that recent pro-Cruz ads have been decimating false information that Soros is secretly funneling money to the Kasich super PAC to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Considering George Soros’ net worth, even if the unsubstantiated rumors were true, this would hardly be a drop in the bucket in terms of Soros’ overall individual net worth.

The pro-Cruz super PAC, Trusted Leadership, has been sponsoring the tv ads spreading false information about Soros and his political donations. The gist of the message is that George Soros is somehow secretly making contributions to Kasich to try to upend the Republican race and unsettle its base. Kasich’s super PAC is called New Day for America. In investing records of campaign contributions and donors associated with the New Day for America super PAC, the Politifact author wrote that the connections to Soros in any way are tenuous at best. In fact, the only link the author on could find between donations and donors to the New Day for America super PAC and Soros are that two individuals who have crossed paths with Soros have made donations to the New Day for America super PAC. They include Scott Bessent, who formerly served as the chief investment officer for Soros Fund Management, and Stanley Druckenmiller, who managed various assets for George Soros on bloomberg for a period of two years from 1988 to 2000. The amounts of contributions by these two individuals are even more underwhelming. Bessent apparently donated just $200,000 to New Day for America, and Druckenmiller gave $450,000 to the pro-Kasich super PAC in 2015. While these amounts may seem large to the average person, they are hardly groundbreaking for former and current hedge fund managers. What is even less remarkable, is the fact that these two individuals thinly connected to Soros have also given to other Republican candidates’ super PACs as well as individually to their campaigns.

As a result of the investigation on of the apparently false claims in the pro-Cruz tv ads detailed in the Politifact article, three television stations in Ohio have already yanked the ads from the air. The final verdict of the Politifact investigation and article is that the pro-Cruz ads are totally false and intentionally designed to manipulate and confuse voters. When coupled with the well-known fact that Soros has been consistently donating to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and related super PACs to the tune of millions of dollars, the claims in these pro-Cruz tv ads are ridiculous at best.

How WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner Helps Fine Hair

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For those with fine hair, finding quality products that won’t weigh hair down even more into a greasy mess is not an easy task. As a blogger reported on, WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner is a perfect pick for anyone with a daily morning hair routine.

With each wash using WEN Cleansing Conditioner, the user boasted her hair felt more voluminous and had decreased frizz. At first, she was a little worried about the amount of product she was using. For fine hair she feared it might be too much. She stuck to using Wen as the product directed. She was pleasantly surprised that there was no greasiness and no frizz after styling. All that was left was a smooth shine. After Day 6, friends were even complimenting her on how shiny her hair was. You can see her results here. She found that by using the recommended amount as part of a daily morning routine, she was pleased with the resulting healthy glow of her hair.

Wen is part of a trusted, high quality hair care line with a 60-day money back guarantee on eBay so there is nothing to lose. The Cleansing Conditioner proves that lather is not needed to have clean and healthy hair. One WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner can replace the multiple hair care products that are used every day. WEN Cleansing Conditioner will leave hair strengthened and more manageable. Fine hair will be left with extra volume and beautiful shine with WEN by Chaz.