Trump Vs. Drumpf: Two Wikipedia Pages Square Off

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The whistle was recently blown on the ancestral origin of businessman-turn-politician Donald Trump’s last name, and opponents everywhere have been quick to pounce. John Oliver, host of the popular weekly show Last Week Tonight informed viewers that Trump originated from the family name “Drumpf”, and subsequently began a campaign to “Make Donald Drumpf Again.” Naturally, within hours a new Wikipedia page popped up filled with details about Donald Drumpf.

When someone puts a query into search engines such as Google, Wikipedia never fails to appear in the top five results generated. It is a go-to source of information on an array of subjects, people, and businesses. This is why having a solid, reputable page is so imperative for anyone in the public eye. And why the Drumpf page is so disasterous for Trump. The Wikipedia page goes in depth on Oliver’s takedown of Trump and offers humorous backstory on Trump’s real grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf. Anyone can potentially edit the page, and Trump has little control over what is written. All he can do is pump up his Donald Trump Wikipedia page and hope for the best.

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