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Yeonmi Park’s Escape From North Korea

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Yeonmi Park, North Korean defector has penned her memoir “In Order to Live”. She describes herself as a 22-year-old Park escaped from North Korea through China when she was 13. The book goes into detail about life after her father got caught for trading in the black market. The family were now branded as criminals, she and her mother fled, only to find themselves caught up in the world of human trafficking and having to watch her mother sexually assaulted in front of her just to protect her was a horrifying ordeal. Later on, she herself would work in trafficking North Korean women. She is now a human rights activist. The book takes you into a North Korea, that is so oppressive and probably the darkest, most secretive nation in the world.

Yeonmi Park says on the NY Times, people in North Korea don’t know what freedom is. When she arrived in South Korea it was a culture shock to her; she had to hide her identity because South Korea considered North Korea as a foreign country.

She discredits on the Reason TV accusations against her by North Korean state media in an interview given presumably by her relatives living in North Korea, claiming that her father died in the North Korean but Park refutes that claim and said she will prove them wrong by retrieving her father’s remains in China for DNA testing, as well as meet the doctors in China where her father was receiving treatment.

Yeonimi Park was led to believe that the dictator could hear her thoughts, and she was horrified of the punishment meted out to those who broke the rules or anyone who expressed doubts about the regime. When her father later died in China and buried his ashes in secret, she said she was even afraid to cry for fear of being caught and sent back to North Korea.

Finally, Yeon-mi and her mother escaped into freedom to Mongolia, they followed the stars north by walking and crawling across the frozen Gobi desert. Yeonmi Park’s story is inspiring to so many people and her determination to take a stand against the injustice within North Korea.



Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

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Solo Capital Markets is a financial services company that is internationally known for its consulting and trading that is located in London, England. The firm was started in 2011 after founder Sanjay Shah decided he wanted to quit his accounting job. He had worked in the accounting line of work for many years, and had owned quite a few businesses prior to starting Solo Capital, but wanted to start his very own brokerage firm. He started Solo Capital with just a few employees and invested much of his time to ensure that it was a successful company that would take off into the million dollar market. Solo Capital did just that after five years and now actually goes by two different names. Those names solely reflect the company and its status as a successful business practice. The names are Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK.

Since then, Shah has developed, founded and started many of his own businesses. Many of the business he own directly affects the other before or after. Like Solo Capital; Solo Group Holdings controls Solo Capital and Aesa S.a.r.l. operates Solo Group Holdings. He actually owns over 36 companies and manages them all quite well. After Solo Capital took off into the million dollar threshold, Shah was able to consider himself retired. 2014 was certainly a successfully busy year for Shah as he took over the Old Park Lane Capital which is a private invitation only stockbroker business. He also launched his own charity called Autism Rocks, which is an invite only concert that is put on by famous artists to aid in donations for autism.

An interview with the Global Citizen Magazine revealed that Shah did not start out in the financial and investment world. He was a med school student for some time before he finally decided it wasn’t something he wanted to do. He began to study accounting and graduated with his degree. That was the beginning of his career that has taken off and made him millions. His financial status has made him quite comfortable, and he has been able to finally concentrate on certain events in his life that have taken place that he wants to make a difference in.

In 2011, his wife and he noticed some changes in their youngest son. They were in a great financial position to be able to take him to see a specialist and get him the help that he needed, because they found out that he has autism. Shah understands that not everyone has the chance to spend that kind of money. He started Autism Rocks in hopes that he can help aid in the research and development of the condition, and help those who need it most.

Trump Vs. Drumpf: Two Wikipedia Pages Square Off

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The whistle was recently blown on the ancestral origin of businessman-turn-politician Donald Trump’s last name, and opponents everywhere have been quick to pounce. John Oliver, host of the popular weekly show Last Week Tonight informed viewers that Trump originated from the family name “Drumpf”, and subsequently began a campaign to “Make Donald Drumpf Again.” Naturally, within hours a new Wikipedia page popped up filled with details about Donald Drumpf.

When someone puts a query into search engines such as Google, Wikipedia never fails to appear in the top five results generated. It is a go-to source of information on an array of subjects, people, and businesses. This is why having a solid, reputable page is so imperative for anyone in the public eye. And why the Drumpf page is so disasterous for Trump. The Wikipedia page goes in depth on Oliver’s takedown of Trump and offers humorous backstory on Trump’s real grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf. Anyone can potentially edit the page, and Trump has little control over what is written. All he can do is pump up his Donald Trump Wikipedia page and hope for the best.

If Trump pours resources into crafting his Wikipedia page, there is no doubt he will hire Wiki experts from a Wikipedia editing service such as Get Your WIki. The actual guidelines for becoming an author and writing or updating a Wikipedia page are lengthy and can be confusing. It is in a politician’s best interest to have knowledgable Wiki writers for hire compose the page, giving it a more professional feel and expanding the opportunities and benefits that come from it. A professional, well written page is a credible source that millions will view, learn from, and spread. The authors at Get Your Wiki know the rules and are trained to write compelling articles. Any business or person in the public eye would be wise to invest in this invaluable resource.

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Premium Dog Food

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The leading market for premium dog food has taken off in the last few years, entering into a billion dollar market for our furry friends. Manufacturers of premium dog food are scaling the market with data and research, proving that wholesome ingredients and a more natural diet can create a serious difference in our furry pets. We are talking about dogs in specific and how premium dog foods have increased in sales on Walmart and encouraged the health of our animals. Just like us, the food that we eat affects everything. It affects the way we feel, think and act, and if we are eating well we certainly know it. Unfortunately our animals do too. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that they are getting the proper nutrients and diet that they need in order to thrive and be healthy for a long time. Our pet’s life span isn’t long enough, so let’s encourage a happier healthier life for them.

Purina Beneful can make that happen by helping to make sure that your animal gets the proper dog food geared towards their age, weight or any issues they may be having. Their line of dry, wet or dog treats offer high grade premium ingredients that you can see. This is most beneficial to their health and they offer ingredients that you are aware of and ingredients that you know. This is especially important when choosing a dog food.

Beneful completes their inspection process by carefully selecting and watching to make sure that each bag, can and box is successfully administered. They take pride in the fact that they product dog food that has high quality ingredients at an affordable price. Beneful equals benefits that prolong the life of our furry animals and make our dogs happier and more energetic. Companies are keeping in line with the diet that their ancestors ate, which were the wolves, and they were known to eat a well-balanced diet of grains and natural foods. You will fortunately find many of these type of foods baked and grinded into each premium dog food morsel, tasting delicious and mouth watering.