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Doe Deere’s Makeup Line Appeals To Modern Women

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Over the last few years, Doe Deere has made quite a name for herself. She is the founder of the Lime Crime cosmetic company. Her whimsical colors hit a very high note with the modern day woman. The modern day woman is not afraid to express herself with colors that are out of the ordinary. Doe Deere’s line of products certainly fit that ideal. Doe Deere is not afraid to express the way she feels about fashion, cosmetics, and life in general. She believes that women should stop following traditional rules and be bold. Boldness allows women to break the standard rules surrounding fashion and beauty.

Fashion And Beauty
The average woman thinks that following the rules is important. They feel that going against the rules will leave them out in the cold. Of course, a woman would like to feel confident, sexy, and smart in her fashion and makeup. Therefore, a lot of women stay within the color lines of fashion and beauty. Doe Deere believes that this is total nonsense. It is fun to break the rules. Certainly, her makeup line proves that she really does believe in breaking traditional makeup and cosmetic rules. Certainly, this is great advice for the modern day woman. Most find this advice very appealing and encourages them to experiment with colors like Doe Deere. Doe Deere loves bold colors, mixing patterns, and dressing the way that she feels, on any occasion. Her uniqueness all seems to come together with flair.

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere
At first glance, Doe Deere is certainly not your typical CEO. You are not going to see her dressed in a conservative suit with sensible shoes and minimal makeup. Doe Deere is the self appointed unicorn queen that rules her cosmetic company with a gentle touch. She believes in praising her employees, instead of ruling the firm with an iron fist. An iron fist management style simply divides management and employees. She likes to praise her employees for a job well done, instead of scolding them for mistakes. This builds confidence and respect in the employees, according to Doe Deere

Doe Deere’s approach to management is strong, yet gentle. Her approach to life is also strong, yet gentle. She was born in Russia. However, her years growing up in New York City helped to grow her ambition to become a successful entrepreneur. Her dream turned into reality back in 2008, the year she started Lime Crime cosmetics.

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Yeonmi Park Continues To Help Those In Need Across North Korea

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The country of North Korea is always in the news for the aggressive stance the state tends to take with its enemies, but the continued oppression of its people is of major concern to many activists and human rights groups around the world. One of the most important activists to appear in opposition to the North Korean leadership over recent years is Yeonmi Park, a 22 year old refugee who took a journey from North Korea to freedom in South Korea that lasted from 2007 to 2009. explains Yeonmi Park has recently been looking to continue the good works she has begun in publicizing the plight of those within North Korea through the use of her own memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.

Yeonmi Park tells an amazing and often horrifying story on The Reason TV in her memoir as the details of life in North Korea are revealed, including the brainwashing that left her convinced the leaders of the country could read her every thought. The problems facing the people of North Korea inspired Park and her mother to take the difficult decision of placing their lives in the hands of people smugglers who promised them a speedy journey to freedom in South Korea. The truth proved something completely different for the family as they embarked on a journey lasting almost two years that cost Yeonmi Park’s father his life.

After facing sexual abuse and the issues of depression on the journey to freedom Yeonmi Park and her mother finally made it to the safety of South Korea, where Park completed her education as she worked as an activist for her fellow refugees. Despite the many problems caused for Yeonmi Park by the North Korean regime since her escape to freedom she has not wavered from her commitment to those who remain trapped within North Korea. Not only has Park sought to help those remaining in North Korea through her memoir she has also made numerous public appearances to highlight the plight of refugees seeking sanctuary from closed societies.


The Unpredictable Kanye Album For 2016

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There is a tremendous amount of buzz going on about the Kanye West album. Jon Urbana and other fans are wondering when this album will drop. Urbana is well aware that West has changed the title several times, and he seems to be quite unsure of himself. This is not like the arrogant West that people have known in the past.

Kanye West has always made a lot of noise about songs that didn’t get some type of Grammy recognition if he produced it. There is some buzz now that the new album may be a bit of a disappointment. All of this has to do with the direction that he was going in last year.

There was no consistency. The selection of songs that were released still sounded like Kanye, but this all sounded like material from several different albums down through the years. It was like it was all dated material. Nothing appears to be new. It was as if he was taking a back seat in a car that he was previously driving himself.

West has moved from the speedy samples to the voice box alteration to almost some type of trap music sound. People do not know what he is going to do next, but this could be a good thing. Fans will just have to wait because there doesn’t appear to be a single or an album anywhere in the near future for Mr. West.

Beneful Smells Great And Has The Best Ingredients

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After reading this article from the Daily Herald, I feel like I’m doing something unbelievable for my dog. I feel like I’m saving his life. At least I know I am extending it by providing him the the right nutrient content that only premium brands of dog food know how to provide for dogs. The article talks about the different courses of action that the premium manufacturers have set in place to give their foods the extra nutrient content that pets need to eat in their dinners. These premium pet foods have safety procedures that are intense. They have their own staff of taste testers that are employed to make sure that the food they are producing is top notch when it comes to taste. The premium brands also make sure to spend more on purchasing the high quality ingredients that they are proud to offer.
Buying Premium Means You’re Buying Quality
What’s the best thing about buying premium dog foods for your dog? Well, I know that he likes the taste of what he eats, so that is very reassuring. I like to feel like I’m providing him with something he enjoys. The premium brand I always buy is called Beneful, and it can be found at mostly every pet store. It’s one of the best foods that I’ve ever seen a dog food company make. Beneful is made by Purina, which is a brand that I have always trusted. I feel better knowing that the choice to buy Beneful is a good one. My dog can’t get enough of these tastes and flavors that Beneful provides. The smell is great, which surprises me because I’ve never liked the smell of dog food. I open up a package of Beneful Chopped Blends, and I know that my dog will love it because I like the smell of it enough to try it myself. I’ve never tried it, but I can see that my dog loves the taste. He cleans his bowl clean when I add Chopped Blends. If you’d like to read the article, click this link.

New Video Visitation App For Inmates Launched

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Driving to see loved ones who are locked up in jails and prisons can be very exhausting. Times have changed a lot nowadays, and people are always busy making a living. Getting time to visit is also a challenge. There are long lines in these places, and people have not time to wait.

There is good news to inmates and their families and friends. It is now possible to conveniently schedule the next visitation based on your availability. Families do not have to be subjected to the normal visitation times. There is a new method of visitation that will make the inmates feel that they are there with you.
Securus Technologies has the solution for all inmate communication between them and their loved ones what so bad. The firm is among the best in offering criminal and justice technology solutions to the correctional facilities. Recently, the company announced that they will be launching a new video app that will be operating on smartphones, iPod’s and tablets.
The video application to be launched will be able to meet all the expectations of the inmates. They will now be able to interact and share the most important events with their family members without any problems. Birthday parties or bedtime stories will now be enjoyable for inmates and their loved ones. The inmates will now have access to these special events in their loved ones life. With the help of the application, the inmates will conduct video visitation, something that has never happened before.
People can get the patented Securus Video Visit application by going to Google play or App Store. The user is supposed to go to these sites and download the app in to their mobile devices, and they are good to go. The users can also plan for the next visitation and sync the details in their calendars, get important notifications for the next visits all because of the app. People can also test for Wi-Fi or other important cellular connections thanks to the app.
The new app will bring an end to the use of tethered computers, complicated additional hardware inmate phone calls with no opportunities to see a loved one as you communicate and web cameras. People can communicate and interact using mobile devises only. According to the vice president of the company, the app will manage to bring families and their loved ones closer.
Secures Technology has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has the ability to serve 3400 centers and over 1200000 prisoners in northern America. The firm is always concerned about connecting inmates and their loved one. If you need any help doing so, just call their customer service team.