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Bruce Levenson Moving On from the NBA

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Bruce Levenson is probably most known for his time as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks. However, his business career has lasted much longer and he has done much more than the average individual realizes. Originally from the greater Washington, D.C. area, his career is truly an interesting one and shows anyone with passion and determination can make it in any field.

Bruce started his college education in Washington University in St. Louis and went on to graduate with a law degree from American University. While studying law, he began writing for the Washington Star as a journalist (he attended law school at night). Thanks to his insights as a journalist, he went on to create the United Communications Group with a business partner, Ed Peskowitz in 1977. Run out of Leveson’s apartment, the publication focused on the oil industry and provided recipients of the publication with the latest news on the oil industry, ranging from technology used to analyzing healthcare situations. This proved to be extremely beneficial for investors looking for added information on the industry as no other document had the kind of desired information all in one. The company continued to publish the newsletter into the age of the Internet, and now it also operates the mobile application GasBuddy, which helps drivers locate the least expensive gas in a given area (based off of their device’s GPS).

Levenson has went on to become the chair of many other companies. He is the founding board member for TechTarget. He sat as the director of this technologically based company for 13 years, where he eventually went to retire from the board in 2012. He also became an advisor for BIA Digital Partners. This equity firm working with private investors worked with the NEPA in order to create software Levenson would use for his original UCG company.

Levenson has also done much in way of giving back to the local community. He helped create the program Hoop Dreas Foundation, which would help low income children attend college and higher educational opportunities after high school. He also served as the founding donor for the United States Holocaust Museum. As a member of the Jewish faith, he has also worked in donating to several different Jewish foundations, including the Birthright Israel, Jewish Federation, SEED Foundation and several others.

Levenson still works closely with his company since his sale of the Atlanta Hawks. He also works with several different programs back in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas. All of this has proven rather helpful and is why he is one of the top business professionals in the United States. He even managed to make a large sum of money off of the sale of the Hawks. While he purchased the Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers, the city’s NHL team at the same time in 2004, he managed to net nearly three quarters of a billion dollars by selling the teams and the arena that came along with it during the team sales.

The Amazing Special FreedomPop Deal Being Offered

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Freedom Pop is a unique mobile communications service. The company just loves to give service away for free. When it does charge customers, the fees are more than reasonably fair. Android Authority is reporting a grand new deal being presented and those who want to acquire a great phone and access to FreedomPop’s amazing service are going to find it very intriguing.

Right now, FreedomPop is offering a previously owned Moto E (2nd gen) with mobile, talk, and data service. The phone may be previously owned, but it has been certified to be in reliable condition. A 30-day money back offer comes with the phone in case any customer is disappointed. The phone itself is packed with excellent features include a great display, decent storage, a camera, and the power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 with 1GB RAM.

The true value of the phone is going to be found with the great service FreedomPop connects with it. 1GB of wireless data is provided along with 200 talk minutes and 500 text messages. For the first 30 days, all of this is free. Those who wish to keep the service for the next month can do so for just $19.99. The service can be downgraded to unlimited talk and text and 500MB of data for just $10.99. And then there is the free service.

The free option is possible if so requested. The free plan delivers 200 minutes of talk, 500 text messages, and 500MB of wireless data. No matter what plan is procured, there are no contracts. No one has to be locked into any terms.

To learn all the details about the deal, please visit Android Authority to read the full article. Anyone looking for a new phone and new service definitely should check it out.

The Doe Deere Blogazine is Letting Readers Know How To Empower Themselves

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Who is this mythical creature that calls herself Doe Deere? If you’re like me, the first sound of her name reminds you of the famous song from “The Sound of Music.” You may be surprised to learn that she is not actually given that name by birth, but it a business name that she took on to give herself an image. Her Russian born name is Xenia Vorotova. It’s quite a mouthful to try to say. In 2007, when Deere was in a rock band, she needed a name that could be used for his stage presence. She loved make-up back then too. She was into the ‘doe-y eye’ makeup and that is where she got inspiration for her name. She hasn’t changed it legally yet, but she has often thought about taking the plunge. To her fans and friends she is Doe.

Deere was born in Russia, but shortly afterward she moved to New York City and there she grew up. Living in such a fashion minded city, she learned from an early age that it is okay to live on the edge and be different. She learned to push the limits of both the professional and design worlds. One day you may see her and her hair will be purple with wild purple makeup to match. The next day she could be strolling through her current city of LA with yellow hair and vivid colored makeup to coordinate the look. She loves living on the edge and expressing herself through her makeup, which is why she created the stellar makeup line Lime Crime.

She doesn’t believe that beauty has to be natural or what looks best in the current situation. She thinks it should be based on the moment and your emotions. Her makeup is colorful and a bit whimsical and all products are cruelty free. She calls her products the “makeup of unicorns.” It’s something that was started for the vivid pallet that she uses to offer to her clients. Hues of pinks, purples, yellows, greens and anything else that would fit in a rainbow in the sky.

Starting her own company se told on storyexchange wasn’t easy, even though she had plenty of help. Her husband diligently works beside her and helps test products and to promote the business. She wanted to be in the business world on her own terms. She loves other female entrepreneurs that have made it. She draws inspiration from them and has used their success to fuel her fire.

Fans who want to follow the “Unicorn Princess” can read the Doe Deere Blogazine. It’s full of makeup tips and other useful information. It’s written by women for other women and has a dedicated following. She uses her voice to speak to the world about being free in your own skin to discover anything and everything you’ve ever wanted. She started small, but from that small start she has achieved great things. She will never fit into any mold, as a matter of fact; she broke the mold and stereotypes of women in business.

Omar Boraie’s Vision for New Jersey’s Real Estate

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Omar Boraie is a renowned New Jersey realtor with over four decades in the industry. He rose into fame about 20 years ago when he started buying properties in the state at a time when both residents and investors were running away from the state. His vision was to transform New Jersey into a state having quality housing and office spaces to help attract back residents and investors who had the state. His vision has since paid in attracting people in the region. He is the founder of Boraie development LLC, a company he heads as the president.
About 40 years ago, Omar Boraie had a strange vision for New Brunswick real estate. He believed the strategic location of the city could help to make it an important destination and hence an important real estate market. However, during that period and the years that followed, New Brunswick continued to face tough economic conditions. Businesses started moving out of the city. People, faced with acute job shortage and worsening economy, also decided to move to nearby states. New Brunswick lost over 200,000 residents in early 1980s. This led to the once populated city turning into a ghost town.
Omar Boraie started to work on his vision for the city as early as 1972. His vision was to transform the city to look like European cities that he had visited during his tour of Europe as an Egyptian chemistry scholar. His plan involved buying several building and then redeveloping them into modern housing and office blocks. Due to financial constrains, this was never an easy task. He started buying one vacant building after another. He, however, did not start developing the lands until he had acquired over 21 buildings. His company came up with a new plan for the block and then forwarded the plan to the city hall. The officials at the city hall could not believe in the plan and they actually made jokes about it.
The journey was not easy, as the city’s economy started picking up again in the 90s and early 2000s; the United States started facing economic slowdown that ended up in the economic depression of 2008. The recessions made residents to lose their purchasing power thus forcing banks to take back ownership of their houses. With several modern buildings and booming economy in the city, both residents and investors have returned. This has made Boraie a very wealthy realtor. His company is also constantly marketing New Brunswick on several platforms to attract investors from around the globe.

Lime Crime Cosmetics: A Totally New Experience In Make-Up

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Lime Crime is a cosmetics line created by entrepreneur Doe Deere. The company was created about a decade ago and has enjoyed phenomenal growth. Doe Deere created the make-up in the Lime Crime line for her to use because she could not find make-up loud enough to wear when she was a rock and roll artist. Lime Crime comes in blindingly bright colors, is easy to use, is made from vegan ingredients, and never tested on animals. The fact it’s sold directly to the consumer from the manufacturer makes it more affordable than other brands. All these things combine to make it successful.

The products in the Lime Crime line include lipstick, nail polish, rouge, eyeliner, and eye-shadow. They do much more enable people to cover up their imperfections. Lime Crime cosmetics on enables them to express their own unique personalities. It’s makeup that makes a statement instead of helping people to blend in. It highlights their beauty strengths and overpowers any imperfections they may have. What people see is the wearers bold, daring fashion statement that is unlike anything they have ever seen. Lime Crime captures the mind of the lookers and releases the inner unicorn of the wearer.

Lime Crime cosmetics is vastly different than the cosmetics lines that have come before it. First of all, Doe Deere began the cosmetics line by making the products by hand. Secondly, the colors in the line are so bright they have made the fashion police run for cover. Thirdly, they are offered primarily on the internet and can be delivered directly from the manufacturer to you.

While Lime Crime cosmetics can be used by great looking kids, great grandmothers and everyone in between, it’s not for the faint of heart. If you cower and bow to the dictates of the mainstream fashion police, this brand of cosmetics might not be for you. But if you dare to be different and want to express your own style, this is just the make-up for which you have been searching. The brand has its own rainbow of colors with names like jinx, trouble, rave, shroom, faded, bleached, and riot. The colors are so bright and distinctive people will notice them clear across the room.

The products are easy to apply, incorporate sparkles, and can last all day and all night too. For many it offers a level of self-expression they never thought possible. Even the packaging with its pink and purple unicorns covered in sparkles attracts attention. But it is when you open the package and see the velvetiness, Venus: The Grunge Palette make-up, Unicorn lipstick, Carousel lip gloss, Zodiac glitter, and heretofore unseen colors and designs of the nail polish, that you begin to understand that Lime Crime cosmetics isn’t like anything you’re experienced before.

Frans Schoeman: Primary Intellectual Rights And How They Operate

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Intellectual property is very important for every business. Once you have decided that you will start a company, there are things that you need to secure so as to run a successful business. Originality and creativity are very important for an entrepreneur. However, not many of us can come up with a glad idea that can make a difference in all of humanity. When you think you have one, there are things that you should do to protect it. Depending on the type of idea, you can legally claim it as your own.

A great lawyer can be of great help when you want to protect your intellects. Frans Schoeman is a great lawyer that has been practicing for over two decades. With a lot of experience, the lawyer can be of great help to you and you soon to run the firm. As a lawyer, he has worked with firms and has been hired for his wide range of specialties. A great lawyer that will handle all your business legal needs is all one can ask for. Through the level of competence, Franc Schoeman will give you legal advice and ensure that you are successful in your endeavors. Here are a few types of intellectual rights and how they work.


When you have pieces of art that you have created out of your imagination, you need copyrights to secure them. This could be music, poems, and films, even words fall in this category. The copyrights do not cover the ideas or the content itself. It only covers the way they are expressed. The copyright only covers the artistic works for a limited amount of time. If you have an original creative work, this is the right way to secure it.


This is a right that an owner of a certain inventor acquires from the government. This is usually a secrecy bid that prevents other people from using this invention for a limited amount of time. The invention is greatly helpful for the country and can solve a given problem. When you patent an invention, you have rights to prevent people from using the invention and even adding to the original work.


This is a symbol that companies create for recognition. For instance, we can recognize Google due to the trademark. This helps the users of the product know the origin of the product. A trademark is made up of signs and symbols chosen by the owner of the company. When you want to create one, you need to be able to establish something that cannot be duplicated. This means even what you produce cannot be duplicated as the trademark marks the product.

Trade secrets

These are ideas, methods, process and even design that one uses for their company. When you work in a company, you are made to sign an agreement to prevent you from passing their trade secrets when you are fired. It is very important to keep secrets when you have opponents that want to achieve a higher level of success. This is why trade secrets are very important. Through them, your ways of practice are always known to you alone.

Why Adam Sender is the Leading Tastemaker in the World of Art

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Art is world that is filled with speculation, for it is impossible for one to accurately put a price on a piece of art. People can try to put a price on artwork, yet, no one actually has to subject themselves to the belief that the art is worth the price it is being sold. The only thing that they do know is that if they want to purchase the art, they will have to pay a high price. One person that is a trendsetter of this nature is Adam Sender. He is the art world’s leading tastemaker as well as an art collector with over 400 pieces of art in his collection, and counting.

For someone to become an art collector, they cannot go in expecting to make a lot of money, because it is not certain that anyone is willing to pay five or six times what you paid for a piece of art. This is where brand building plays a significant part in building an artist reputation. See, there are art collectors who are in the game to make money. They have absolutely no passion for collecting art of any kind, except for a potential return on investment. These collectors are not the taste makers in the art world because there is no investment thesis behind buying there art besides buying work that everyone else loves. With Adam Sender, it is a completely different story because he is someone who is extremely passionate about every, single piece of art that he decides to purchase.
His desire for art stemmed from a photograph in 1981, a Cindy Sherman photograph known as Black Sheets. Back then, this photograph would have usually only sold for roughly $15,000, yet Adam Sender saw something magical in this piece of artwork, so he purchased it for over $100,000. People around him thought he was nuts for paying such a high price for a photograph of a lady in bed, yet Adam Sender saw something exquisite and moving about the photograph and he took the risk. His love for this photograph paid off when he was able to sell that same photograph for $2 million to an investor who had also fallen in love with the photograph is much as he did. This is an attitude that separates the winners and losers in the world of art collecting. If you love a piece of art, you must buy. Regardless who the painting is from or how popular they are.

With over 400 pieces of art, Adam Sender keeps a small portion of his art at his hedge fund office on Wall Street, he keeps another portion of his art at a townhome in Manhattan where he lives, while other pieces are stashed away at his Hamptons home and others in art storage in New Jersey.

Lots of people have opinions about what art is worth and why it should be worth a specific amount, yet, their will always be taste makers who have built enormous reputations on purchasing certain styles of art that will have their collections looked at with zeal, so it pays to listen.

Next Gen Visual Search Tech About To Be Released

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In the 21st century, an enormous amount of data is available to retailers about the spending habits and patterns of consumers, but most of that information surrounds the purchase itself. If shoppers log into an online retail site, retailers can track what they are looking at, but what they don’t know is what people are looking for and looking at offline, and that is something of the holy grail of information tracking technology.

Very soon, this holy grail of data may be well within the reach of retailers, as the next gen of product recognition and visual search technology is about to be unveiled. One leader in this industry is Slyce, a Toronto based start up that garnered more than $10 million in start up capital to develop their exciting new tech product. Slyce visual search technology takes apps like Amazon’s Flow to a whole new level. Previous visual search technology was highly dependent on packaging and branding to deliver a search result, which meant if you were walking down the street and saw a product in use – and therefore without packaging – or someone wearing an article of clothing you really liked, you were generally out of luck unless the person could give you specific information about the manufacturer and/ or store where they bought it.

Slyce is about to revolutionize not only the way people shop, but also give retailers key insights into how people become interested in a product in the first place. Are they legitimately being influenced by billboards, magazines, flyers or print ads, or are they mostly influenced by people they see using or wearing a certain product? Slyce’s sophisticated product recognition algorithm allows their visual search engine to instantaneously gather a massive amount of minute information that differentiates one shirt or one pair of shoes from more than a million others. It can determine details like how many buttons on a shirt and the precise distance between each one or the exact width of a sole in relationship to the distance between the top of the heel and the bottom of the sole. It then matches that information against millions of images to create an exact match to the exact product.

Beyond that, however, Slyce can also offer the closest match a retailer offers if the product they are looking for is discontinued or out-of-stock. In addition, Slyce offers retailers 1D, 2D and 3D scans, meaning users can find information from 3D images, such as a person wearing a particular item, from 2D printed materials or product tags, such as magazine ads or billboards, or they can instigate a 1D search by scanning barcodes, QR codes or coupons that will take them directly the the information they are looking for.

Your First Foray into New York Real Estate

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New York has a culture in which apartment living is the norm. In these areas, new apartment owners will be young adults that are only just moving from their parents apartments. However, in other regions the only time someone rents is in early adulthood. This will be a whole new experience for these people. In either case, adjusting to apartment life will be a new experience for everyone, and it will be an adjustment. The best advice for apartment living is to keep it simple, and there are a few methods for accomplishing this ethos and to use companies like TOWN Real Estate at to find properties in the conflagrated New York market.

Jettison the clutter

The first method is to keep living in NYC real estate as close to essentials as possible. The whole idea is that everything is fresh and new. It will also alleviate much of the stress that is involved with the experience like acquiring movers and space planning. Keeping is simple means less things in this case. There will be time to acquire things. The occupant can avoid superfluous purchases that clutter the living space by building from this base.


The next practice should be to plan well. This sounds like a no-brainer, but many of the small details can be forgotten in the events surrounding the acquiring of and moving into a new apartment. Making lists and getting advice when this stress is not present will be an extreme advantage in keeping things simple in the new place. In addition, movers can place items in their desired area during the move. This saves time and effort with rearranging furniture and other items at a separate time.


Research any movers or other services that you will need for beginning apartment life. This includes utility services, and their particular requirements. There are many scams involved with apartments. People should familiarize themselves with these problems, and have plans for avoiding them. One way to beat this in the very beginning is to use a service like TOWN Real Estate, they will inform of you of the minutia


Make sure movers are registered with the appropriate entities and utilize the Better Business Bureaus and reviews online. The review search should be geared toward finding information about problems with the companies or services.

Executions is key. Remember that a plan is in place and that it should be followed. Some things in the plan can be elastic, but the list has to have some stringency in order to keep things in control and on time .The benefits of apartment life can be made much more enjoyable by living simply. This is a key component of today’s modern living.

How Did CCMP Capital Become Successful?

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New York based CCMP Capital has enjoyed much success during its lifetime. The private equity investment firm has always been lauded by industry experts on its culture of open communication, transparency and great efficiency. Almost all these success secrets can be traced back to one thing – the amazing leadership that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has enjoyed over the years. One of the best CEOs of CCMP Capital was Stephen Murray who recently passed away but not before he had raised the leadership standards for the industry on a global scale.

CCMP Capital experienced its best years under Stephen Murray who was loved for his good nature and admired for his strong leadership. So, what are the other reasons CCMP Capital has been so successful? Here are a few –

Employee Success Isn’t Measured By Working Hours – At CCMP Capital, the efficiency of employees isn’t measured by how many hours they are putting in. Instead, the firm believes that it is better to have key milestones and be organized to ensure that the right tasks are performed at the right time without overexertion. The employees appreciate this as well because this system allows efficient employees to be rewarded on the basis of how smart and organized they are. It also promotes a culture of creativity, innovation and pro activeness among both managers and employees.

The Company Works Like A Well Oiled Machine – Because everyone understands the value of routine, the company works like a smooth unit without any glitches. This wasn’t always like this but Stephen Murray and his ideas helped to ensure that CCMP Capital was working at its highest efficiency levels all the time. The people who are employees of the company are chosen after keeping the work culture and ethics of CCMP Capital in mind. This ensures that even when there are new joiners, they seamlessly add to the efficiency of the firm and understand the processes well.

Challenges Are Enjoyed By All – CCMP Capital is in the private equity industry that is cut throat in its competition. This is also a capricious industry that is full of challenges. As such, people who do not like change or challenge would not survive in the industry. CCMP Capital has no such people because everyone in the firm likes to face challenges head on. People are fond of innovation and like to think of creative ways to beat the dynamic markets.

Focussing On Positives Is Important – Stephen Murray also taught the company and its employees on how to see the bright side of things. Often, companies tend to focus too much on the negatives when things are down but positives can help to raise the morale of people.

Even now, CCMP Capital still uses the lessons imparted by Stephen Murray in its daily working.