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End Citizens United: an Unfortunate Name but a Worthwhile Cause

What do New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Nevada and Wisconsin all have in common? They are home to candidates for the 2018 midterms that have refused to take PAC money and find themselves at an unfair disadvantage. It is difficult to take a firm stand in an election when you have one financial arm tied behind your back but these candidates have put themselves and their ideals on the line. Andy Kim (NJ), Elissa Slotkin (MI), Brendan Kelly (IL), Beto O’Rourke (TX), Jacky Rosen (NV), Randy Bryce (WI) are just a handful of those running for political office who don’t want to be in “someone’s pocket” once they win the election. End Citizens United supports these candidates and scores of others who stand for campaign finance reform.

A grass roots effort with an average donation between $14 and $25, End Citizens United knows all about managing and stretching smaller donations. Nationally there are over 400,000 donors who assist these candidates with networking and working with other like-minded campaign finance reform leaders. The group is an alternative to the “dark money” that holds the puppet strings for many main stream candidates.In 2010 the Supreme Court decided a case called Citizens United v FEC (Federal Election Commission) citing that we the people, otherwise known as “the government” may not keep corporations from spending huge amounts of money to support malleable candidates, under the rational that political spending equates to freedom of speech.

The midterms this year will be populated by many candidates who have been endorsed by End Citizens United as not only viable, but preferred alternatives to those main stream candidates backed by the seemingly bottomless deep pockets of Corporate America.End Citizens United is an unfortunate name, primarily due to Citizens United being a misnomer which sounds more like a group of concerned neighborhood watch participants rather than the backers of big business’ influence in politics. Trying to end, or at least lessen the impact, of dark, corporate money’s influence in our elections is a worthwhile goal however; one that strives to put the power back into the hands of we, the people.

The “Big Jim”

Jim “Big Jim” Larkin was one of Ireland’s most notable industrial trade unionists. He established the Irish Worker and People’s Advocate newspaper in 1911 and co-founded the Irish Labour Party along with his friend and fellow trade union leader, James Connolly, in 1912.

Larkin’s ultimate aim was to unionize the entire industrial workforce in Ireland and hopefully provide its skilled and unskilled laborers with fairer wages and working conditions.

In his early life, Jim Larkin had worked at various jobs during the afternoon school hours so he could help supplement his family’s income. He was born and raised in the slums of Liverpool, England, in a working class family.

He started work at his father’s firm after he had abruptly died. Larkin only lasted there for several years and was left unemployed until taking a position as a local Liverpool docker towards the end of the 1800’s. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

He became a dock foreman and lost it a year later after joining the dockers in a dispute against their employers. His participation deeply impressed the National Union of Dock Labourers, NUDL, and they assigned him as a temporary organizer.

Jim Larkin worked as a full-time union organizer for the NUDL for many years and he helped initiate strikes in major cities in Scotland and Ireland. His strike methods were starting to become too militaristic for the NUDL and they had to let him go.

Larkin immediately moved to Dublin, Ireland and formed the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, ITGWU. The ITGWU gained thousands of new members had loyal branches in the Drogheda, Derry and Belfast areas in Ireland.

The ITGWU were the key players in one of the largest industrial disputes in Ireland, the 1913 Dublin Lockout. Over 20,000 workers went on non-violent strikes against 300 employers for seven consecutive months.

After the catastrophic dispute, more than 100,000 people including the families of the labor workers and employers were all deeply affected.

Top To-Do List Hacks from Upwork

The popular freelancing platform, Upwork recently published the blog “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your To-Do List” which was originally published on the ClickUp blog. Upwork is a company designed to bring freelancers and companies together. Writers, graphic designers, and web developers all come to the market place to find clients and build their portfolios while still maintaining their freedom. The experience is valuable because it allows the freelancers to gain experience without having to send out cold pitches to clients.

However, because the freelancers need to hustle to get their clients, the to-do list can often become overwhelming. Upwork put together a list of the top ways to improve the to-do list and reduce stress.

The first suggestion the company makes is to get everything down in one place. By writing everything down, the mind is free to focus on the work at hand instead of becoming distracted by all of the tasks that remain incomplete. Putting it all in one place will also save the freelancers time. Having a variety of notes in half a dozen places can often leave the freelancer constantly looking for what they need to do next.

Upwork also reveals the importance of creating the to-do list the night before. Many people are the most productive first thing in the morning, yet they will often waste that time with low-energy tasks like checking email and creating their to-do list. However, if the to-do list is already created, the freelancer can simply get started on their most important tasks for the day.

A key to making that work is setting priorities. To get the most important task done for the day, one needs to know what the most important task is. Defining each task according to how urgent and important it is will allow each person to get the most important thing done first. Then if something occurs later that might throw the schedule off, like an unexpected meeting, the freelancer will still have accomplished the most important thing.

Another key to accomplishing more is creating time and energy attributes to each task. This allows you to understand how much time and energy each task will take.


Why SoftBank Acquired Fortress Investment Group

Many were left perplexed when Japanese SoftBank decided to acquire Fortress Investment Group for about $3.3 billion. The Japanese group of investment has previously been known to be attracted in telecommunications-related firms and the entire industry before changing focus and acquiring an entity in alternative finance and asset management that left many surprised. However, there are several reasons which could have convinced the company that investing in such a tremendous amount of money was worth the effort.One of the reasons which would have persuaded the Asian investors to purchase the company would be its worldwide appeal. Fortress Investment Group is a reputable organization that has been setting the standards for other wealth management organizations around the world. The marketing strategies of the wealth management organization have placed it as one of the most recognized organization not only in the United States but even across the border.

Purchasing an already established organization and a known company would have saved the investors large amounts of money if they would have decided to buy unknown organization and market it across the world.Secondly, Fortress Investment Group is an organization that has a large asset base and a considerable number of clients that it supports. Currently, the entity owns assets in the United States, European countries, and the Caribbean among others. Holding assets in such countries are such a massive milestone that many bodies would struggle to have. The broad asset base is a clear indication of the wealth managed by the organization. Furthermore, the number of clients served by the company means that the organization has already created a brand for itself.

It is worth highlighting that the New York City-based wealth manager has the highest number of clients in wealth management and alternative asset investment.Lastly, Fortress Investment Group is an organization that has significantly diversified its assets in various fields, which makes the entity to remain profitable despite other sectors in finance field experiencing huge losses. Operating in the healthcare industry, real estate investment, transportation, and media would have justified the considerable amount of money that SoftBank paid for the company. Purchasing the shares of the organization means that the new owner sets foot in each of the industry the company has been operating. Besides, the fact that a Japanese company owns Fortress is likely to open up a new market in Asia where the entity can attract a massive number of clients due to the low industrial occupation.

The Importance of Packaging and What Waiakea Water Does

One of the factors to good water that is being talked about is the packaging. People often talk a lot about the plastic bottles and say how it is bad for people and the environment. One thing that Waiakea is working on is changing the type of packaging that is used for the product. They are still using plastic. One thing that they understand is that the water that is used is actually good enough to negate the effects that plastic can have. Therefore, they are looking at the environment when it comes to the packaging of Waiakea water.

Waiakea has decided on working on bringing forth packaging that is better for the environment. While they could talk about how it is important for people to recycle, Waiakea understands that people are going to either throw away their bottles or lose in some other way. Therefore, they have taken the time to build different types of bottles that are biodegradable. These bottles are designed to decay within 15 years compared to the types of bottles that last more than 1000 years. Therefore, animals out in the sea are going to be safer. One of the common issues with the environment is that certain messes can bring harm to animals.

The packaging of Waiakea is one of the latest steps that the company is taking to make sure that they are being healthy and beneficial to people and the world in as many ways as possible. Waiakea is very proactive when it comes to bringing improvements to health and the environment with their Hawaii volcanic water. People can drink it for many different purposes such as mental clarity, fitness, cleaning, and plenty of other reasons that they drink regular water for. Waiakea water is the type of water that people should be drinking.

Dr. Saad Saad: From Personal Pediatric Surgeon for Royalty to Accomplish Inventor

New medical devices on the shelf every single day, the industry is in constant fluctuation with inventors creating new products that they believe will revolutionize the industry. Often the best creators are doctors themselves because they have a keen insight into what is wrong with the devices that they currently have or what they need. Dr. Saad Saad is one such doctor that took a look at some of the instruments he uses and made the judgment to help fix problems that he located instead of letting them continue to build up. “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon” located on the Medical Daily Times website follows his process to get a better look at why he believed these devices were important in the medical field.


Looking at the career of Dr. Saad Saad, it is clear why he is an expert in his field and well suited for the prospect of inventing items to help his fellow doctors. He grew up in Kuwait with a large family. He had a lot of siblings and his family was considered poor. What they lacked in money they made up for in sheer grit and determination. He, and his siblings, all went on to achieve wonderful things. Many of them obtained advanced degrees in their field and they have all earned reputations as prolific members of their respective societies. Dr. Saad Saad became well known as he served the Saudi Arabian royal family, as their personal pediatric surgeon. His time working for the family also gave him the opportunity to work with Saudi Arabia in public in general. It was here that he learned a lot of the things he holds dear when it comes to patient care.


The two devices that he has invented a were created with the sole purpose of increasing the quality of life that patients have wall professionals are utilizing them during their medical service. One of these devices is a catheter, but it has an electromagnetic tip on it that allows doctors to located within the patient. Catheters are used for many reasons within the human body, so it is reasonable that doctors would want to have a way to locate them. The conventional method of locating such devices is through the use of x-ray equipment, meaning that patients have to get up and go down to x-ray transported. Additionally, they are getting large doses of radiation due to the repeated exposure to the machine. For more information about the inventions that hasted has contributed to the medical field, readers are encouraged to visit the article and learn more about the wonderful things that Dr. Saad Saad is doing for the medical community. Learn more:

Vijay Eswaran:Changing People Thoughts And Improving Their Lives

To millions of people around the world, Vijay Eswaran is an amazing businessman. In the midst of an economic recession in Asia, Eswaran was able to start a network marketing company when he had little experience and no money and turn it into a business juggernaut that rakes in over $750 million in annual revenue. But those who understand Vijay Eswaran’s success know it was based more on his personal and business philosophy that anything else. Vijay Eswaran believes that with the right mindset people can attain any goal. And he has been teaching that to people for many years.

Getting the QI Group’s staff to embrace that mindset when they started the business was the key to the company’s success. Vijay Eswaran got the company’s independent marketing agents to share his strongly held belief that the company would succeed. Once Eswaran and his team were clear on their goal and shared a clear vision of its reality, obstacles to their success fell away. These are the things that gave them the confidence to take their products into large cities and small villages throughout Asia. Eswaran and his team believed in their minds and hearts they would succeed.

In his books and articles Vijay Eswaran outlines how people can change their lives by changing their thoughts. Those new thoughts will lead to new actions that produce success. Change can be inspired by fear or by embracing wholesome, positive principles that provide motivation. Eswaran explains that reinforcing those new thoughts daily quickens the process of change. He was able to expedite those changes in the minds and actions of his staff by the powerful motivational speeches he gave in his training sessions. The QI Group’s staff felt empowered and went on to do great things.

Reading Eswaran’s books and articles and listening to his speeches has helped countless people to get the courage, vision and motivation they need to make the difficult changes necessary to make their dreams a reality and improve their quality of lives. Vijay Eswaran’s message of self-empowerment is the most important thing he has shared with humanity.

Boraie Development’s Role in NBA’s Legend Shaquille O’Neal Initiative to Develop Skyscrapers in the Heart of Newark

It is great news for the residents of Newark as they get to have a skyscraper built in their town courtesy of NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal. The building is making headlines for being one of its kind in more than 50 years in Newark. The building has been named “Shaq Tower” after the legend himself, Shaquille O’Neal, and he joined several other stakeholders and officials in a ceremony to mark the completion of the construction phase. The building is located in the downtown area of the city. According to city officials, after its completion, the skyscraper is believed to occupy about 1,000,000 sq. Feet and will hold around 169 rental units. At the same time, the tower will have a huge space on the ground floor that will act as a retail space. The ceremony was also attended by great people including Phil Murphy, the Governor, Ras Baraka, Newark Mayor, Carmelo Garcia, the Director of Economic & Housing Development, and the Acting Deputy Governor among others. Omar Boraie disclosed to the public through New Jersey Advance Media that the skyscraper will be opened before the end of the year and lease applications could be done by September.


According to Rutgers, the fascinating project is an initiative between private and public investors. This includes O’Neal, Newark City, Boraie Development, and the renowned Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group. About 24,000,000 USD was channeled to the project through the NJ department of economic development. O’Neal also added that he has plans to invest in several real estate projects that will take the town a notch-higher. He revealed that during one of his visits to his relatives with his mother, she exclaimed how beautiful the city used to be years back and that someone needed to bring its glory back. O’Neal felt that he was that someone and thus, his efforts to make his mother’s dream come true. For more details visit Bloomberg.


The skyscraper is said to have around 21 stories and is one project of a kind in more than 50 years. During the topping off ceremony that was attended by various city officials, Wasseem Boraie said that great and successful projects are as a result of the joining of hands by both the public and private investors. At the same time, O’Neal said that Boraie Development is the best choice for development projects. Boraie continued to say that the housing units will be quite affordable for everyone.



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Peter Briger offering his services as the principal at Fortress Investment Group

During the career path of Peter Briger in both finance and investment, he has been able to earn the reputation of being a dedicated leader and a competent one. At the Fortress Investment Group, he is the president and chairman. In November 2016 he was appointed the Director as he worked as the head when it came to real estate and credit. After that in 2009, he became the co-chairman of the firm, and in December 2017 that’s when he became the CEO of the firm, and he has been offering his services until now. He attended the University of Princeton where he got his degree in arts that did not end there Briger joined Pennsylvania University where he obtained his master in business administration. From the time in 2002 since Peter Briger joined the company, it has outgrown.

There are still other services that Peter will offer apart from him working at Fortress. At the University of Princeton, he is the director. At the Goldman Sach, Peter offers his services as a partner, and he became the partner in 1996 after he worked there for fifteen years. While at the company he is the one that dealt with the trading and loan sales. At the Linketone limited company, they choose him to be the advisory board member. There were a lot of executives from Wells Frago in 2013 that in the nation it’s a bank that is the largest went to Fortress Investment Group to talk about entering the market of bitcoin exchange. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Peter Briger was the one who was given the opportunity of explaining to the people why Fortress Company was thinking of Bitcoin technology. According to what he had to say, the Bitcoin world was one gold mine business, and it had the chance of being the secure and cheap platform that can be used in the money transfer to people in the world. The thing that was lacking according to Peter Briger is the regulated American bitcoin exchange. Which if Fortress Investment Group and Wells Fargo came together then they would offer. Through the meeting, the conversation went on for a while, but after that, it was never ventured in by the two giant because of the crisis that took place in the bitcoin business. That was the time Wall Street decided to be comfortable with the idea of Bitcoin, the time they took was sluggish one and long. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Louis Chenevert’s Influence at United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a well established person within the  technology industry. His career dates back over three decades, when he began at General Motors. In 1993 he joined Pratt & Whitney, and ultimately worked up the chain and became president of the company in 1999. Louis Chenevert went on to serve high profile positions at United Technologies beginning in 2006. By early 2008 he was elected President and Chief Executive Officer, then Chairman in January 2010, for United Technologies Corporation. In addition, he is part of a variety of organizations. The website Ideamensch recently published an interview with Louis Chenevert. 

The interview begins with Louis Chenevert citing the need to create innovate products as the reason behind United Technologies Corporation’s conception. Having small teams with strong leadership, is essential to carrying out any ideas. The way technology is progressing, and how fast it is changing, means there is a limitless amount of ideas people can create.

During the next series of questions, Louis Chenevert answers a few personal questions. He cites his ability to follow-up and focus on the tasks at hand, as his most productive aspect. In retrospect, he has learned that having the team on the same page is a necessity. His original job at General Motors also further cemented the idea of how important the team factor is for production. At the end of the day, remaining open minded and focused will lead the company places.

Louis Chenevert is someone whose decades of experiences in the industry has changed his outlook on workers, company brand, and output interactions. His early days at General Motors showed him the power of a team. If everyone is working towards a common goal, then anything is attainable for the company. His accomplishments extend all across the industry with top profile positions in several organizations. United Technologies Corporation will continue paving the way forward for the foreseeable future.